Atypical trailer – transcription

Transcription for the official trailer for the Netflix series 'Atypical'.


Elsa: How was the session with your therapist today?

Sam: She thinks I should put myself out there, and find someone to have sex with.

Casey: Laughs.

Sam: She didn’t say the sex part. I added that.

Music: Upbeat music playing.

Sam: I’m a weirdo. That’s what everyone says. Sometimes I don’t know what they mean when they say things.

Julia: Sam, people on the spectrum date you know.

Sam: Girls don’t really notice me at all, and I’m not good at picking up signals.

Nik: She’s smiling right at you.

Julia: You need to turn that down. Like 70%.

Elsa: Why does my to-do list say “Remove stick from butt”.

Casey: I don’t know. But if it’s on there you’ve got to do it right?

Doug: I can’t find my work pants.

Casey: *Heaves*

Elsa: Sam is going to start dating.

Doug: We weren’t much older when we met. Maybe it’s time for us to take a step back.

Nik: Want to know how to get the girls? I’m taking you to [expletive] city.

Sam: That’s not a real place.

Sam: Nope, not doing that.

Julia: There are strategies you can teach him.

Sam: I’m not a little kid anymore. I can do things.

Elsa: Strategies for when you get your heart broken?

Sam: Sometimes I wish I was normal.

Evan: Dude, no one’s normal.

Music: I think I’m ready to go. I think I’m ready to be. I think I’m ready to show that I’m no ordinary. I think I’m ready to know. Don’t need the world to believe. Right now I’m ready to show that I’m no ordinary.

Sam: Paige?

Julia: Your son has the same desire to be loved that we all do.

Elsa: My family is very fragile.

Doug: Everything is ‘Sam this’ and ‘autism that’, maybe it’s time for you to have your own life.

Sam: Whoever first said ‘practise makes perfect’ was an idiot. Humans can’t be perfect. Because we’re not machines. The best thing you can say about practise is that it makes better.

Sam: At some point I really, really hope. That I get to see boobs.

Music: Music fades out.