A loving gift in Will from Paul transcript

For Paul it was an easy decision to leave a gift in his Will. By leaving a gift in his Will, he feels he can honour his lifelong commitment of looking after those who have been disadvantaged.

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Paul: The charities that I do favour all have one thing in common, that is the feeling that, the feeling I have towards people who in some way haven’t had a fair go in life, because of mental illness, physical illness, whatever disabilities they might have.

And, I think it’s important that these people should get more fair treatment, but that requires money. It requires effort, it requires volunteers, all sorts of resources.

And therefore these sorts of charities are the ones that I favour most, to provide equity for people with a disadvantage.

As a result of my experiences, it would be totally apparent to me that the money being spent there is making change in the lives of many people, in varying degrees, but all for the better.

The people that were learning work skills, they were learning social skills, they were getting into relationships, they were learning to live by themselves in houses, all the sorts of things that we take for granted, but for them, is a major step forward in life. So, I think it’s a marvellous job that’s being done.

The concept of continuing to make donations when you’re no longer around, in the form of a Will, seems to be a sensible demonstration of my commitment to ensure that more people benefit from the work that the charities doing. It’s been a very easy and very happy decision on my part.

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