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Susy: I love coming to work because I love to interact with everyone, and having my own role and

doing all the jobs I can do.

I have a lot of friends. Whenever I go away on my holiday everyone does miss me.

Joanne: Susy has worked with us for about 7 years now, and since she’s started we have seen a huge change in her confidence.

She’s a lot happier, she uses her initiative, she comes up with fantastic ideas.

It’s great seeing the changes that have happened for her, it’s really positive for everyone to watch on a daily basis.

Susy: I collate, I fold, I put paper into boxes.

My folding skills is very good actually, because I do have small fingers. Laughing

It feels amazing coming to work, my work is my world.

Joanne: To get up everyday and feel valued for the work that you do, I think it is important for everyone whether you have a disability or not, so the fact that we can provide that, and give just that little bit extra support that someone might need, is fantastic.

Susy’s very passionate about cooking, and one of her dreams is to have a cookbook done by Susy Yates.

Susy: I can’t wait to get in the kitchen because the kitchen is where I get inspired. All the food tastes really, really good and I love eating it. I hope you enjoy my recipes.

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