Susy’s story

Help people like Susy follow their career dreams

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Sadly without help, people with a disability like Susy might never find any meaningful work.

Susy’s beautiful smile can light up a room. One thing Susy loves is her job at Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation), which opened up to her because of caring people like you. When you hear how her life has changed since we first met her, we know it will bring a big smile to your own face.

Video content description: YouTube video of Susy, and Aruma’s Employment Services Manager, sharing her about their experiences as an Aruma employee.

But you’ll be angry to hear about the unfairness Susy has gone through to get where she is today.

Susy’s experience of being shut out of employment in spite of her eagerness to work is not uncommon. It’s the reality for many people who have Down syndrome or another disability.


This is what Susy says about her job before we met her:

“When I left school, a disability agency gave me a job in retail at a supermarket, except my boss was very mean to me. It was a very bad experience.”

You can imagine how much that hurt Susy. She was so upset, after that she didn’t work for three years.

Then with the help of her mum, she decided to visit our Aruma packaging business at Belrose in Sydney.

After Susy came to see us that day we were delighted to be able to offer her work in supported employment.

Susy showing her certificate

“My heart and soul is in Aruma where I work in the packaging business and where I get to meet all these lovely people. Without my job I am nothing… it would be me staying at home and being a potato person.” – Susy

Assisting people to find their abilities in the workplace is an amazing pleasure, as Joanne can tell you.

Joanne remembers Susy being shy, nervous and unsure of herself when she began work, but that didn’t last long!

“Susy has blossomed. Her self-confidence has gone through the roof. It does wonders for anyone, learning you can do things you didn’t think you could do.” – Joanne, Employee Services Manager

Susy is also cherishing a career dream very close to her heart. Since she was a little girl watching her mum bake, she has aspired to a life of cooking.

Now she has gained enough confidence to hope that one day she’ll be able to write a cookbook.

Susy’s story is a great example of how life-changing it is for people to experience the pride, satisfaction and independence of paid work. But this is an opportunity many just wouldn’t get, without ongoing support from generous and incredible people like you.

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