Kobi’s story

You can ensure people like Kobi can spread their wings.

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

There’s a chance Kobi will never get to see what he’s capable of and, devastatingly, the roadblock in his way is not disability, it’s a lack of equipment.

Like any 19 year old guy, Kobi is bursting with energy. He loves the outdoors, mows the lawn in his electric wheelchair, and goes fishing with his Dad. Using a communication device which he controls with his eyes, he’s even talked to his parents about starting a lawn care business.

Following a cord prolapse at birth, Kobi has required assistance from his family and people like you all his life. His parents are driven by a philosophy passed on to them when Kobi was an active little boy; “They said never take no for an answer – if you take no for an answer, you will be taking it your whole life”.

Their determination for Kobi to have the opportunity to live life to his full potential has paid dividends to Kobi’s progress. His parents know he is capable of so much more and you can directly help him achieve his dreams.

By urgently giving now you can assist us to fit out our Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation) services with equipment that may seem purely functional, but are so much more than practical aids. Grab rails and hoists mean people don’t have to be lifted by carers. Modifying a HiAce van to provide transport for people in wheelchairs means they can experience adventure, freedom and joy.

Kobi has just started going to Aruma and getting help to learn how to use his communication device better and improve his literacy and numeracy, says his dad, Christian.

Kobi with his assistance device

“He’s so excited about it, but he can only go for half days because we need to bring him home to do all of his personal care.

It’s hard for him to go with his group if they go out into the community, to visit a shopping centre or out for lunch, because there’s no vehicle at his Aruma centre to get him there in his wheelchair.”

“Kobi’s interested in doing a lot more at Aruma which he might be able to try if they had more equipment for his physical care. He wants to do a training program that could help him get into the workforce – he wants a job, that’s his goal. It’s time for him to spread his wings”

But the sad truth is that if Kobi can’t access full support from us, he will be faced with limits and closed doors. His abilities and enthusiasm might come to nothing… unless people like you act now.

There are so few services like the Aruma that people who need help are desperate. You can assist them to gain opportunities like education and skills support by simply buying the right equipment that can really change and enrich their lives.

If you would like to see Kobi and others like him spread their wings and receive every support we can offer, please donate today.

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