Help a child with a disability develop lifelong skills

Give children like Jazahlee the tremendous gift of sensory play

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Children with a disability should be able to enjoy every day to the fullest

Sometimes they need extra help to unlock critical skills. That’s where you come in…

Aruma helps children with a disability life their best life in so many ways. And one of the most vital, is encouraging sensory play.

Sensory play allows children to engage with their world, exploring new sights, sounds and sensations. It encourages their learning, language and motor skills.

Most importantly, it helps children make the most of every day – especially Christmas Day! To open presents, sensory play gives little fingers the strength to grasp and pull.

For little Jazahlee and her mum Claudia, sensory play has been a gamechanger.

When she was born, doctors told Claudia that so many things that could go wrong. “I instantly questioned Jazahlee’s future and what she’d be able to do.” she says.

Claudia felt so confused and overwhelmed… until she found Aruma.

Working with our experienced Child Educators, and through sensory play, Jazahlee’s skills have improved by leaps and bounds.

“I’m now confident Jazahlee can grow up to be as independent as possible,” says Claudia.

Give the gift of play

The sooner children like Jazahlee have access to learning and special education like sensory play, generally, the better their outcomes.

We urgently need help to fund new sensory equipment for children and adults living with a disability.

By helping us fill our sensory rooms with more tools and toys, you can play a crucial role in a child’s development.

Will you give a gift to help these wonderful children build the skills they need this Christmas?