Help provide essential equipment for kids like Haven

Haven is a beautiful and funny 9-year-old girl. But from the very beginning, her life hasn't been easy.

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Change a life. Haven needs equipment to get her through the day. Please help.

Haven is a beautiful 9-year-old girl, funny and playful with a bubbly personality. But from the very beginning, her life has not been easy.

Haven was born early at just 28 weeks. When she was two, she was diagnosed with autism.

Haven’s autism makes many things incredibly difficult for her. One of the biggest hurdles for Haven is communication and making herself understood. This causes her extreme anxiety and frustration.

She often feels overwhelmed by strong emotions she can’t understand or express. The intensity of her reactions can lead Haven to lash out in aggression, as this is the only outlet she knows for her sadness, fear and distress. At these times, she can even injure herself and others, or damage property.

With Haven’s significant and complex needs, she receives intensive support from two of our Aruma workers at a time. A huge part of getting through each day is equipment that facilitates her health and wellness.

Natalie is one of Haven’s Support Workers at Aruma. This is how she describes the huge difference your kind gift of for equipment would make to Haven and her family:

“If Haven is engaged in health and wellness activities, she becomes calm and feels safe. She also becomes very happy and less anxious. With more resources for her, her behaviours could hopefully decrease and she could be more engaged throughout the day, and improve her attention span.” – Natalie

The problem is, this equipment is not always covered by NDIS funding. High levels of wear and tear also mean frequent replacements are necessary and the costs quickly add up.

Aruma needs to provide 20 ‘health and wellness’ equipment packages of $10,000 each, to support people like Haven.

Please help and donate today.