Clay’s story

Your donations create supported living options for people like Clay to live life on their terms.

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Clay has newfound confidence through having his own home. Others with a disability also need a home to call their own – please help.

Clay enjoys a joke, going out with friends, and his footy! He understands everything going on around him. But, because of his cerebral palsy, he only says a few words. He expresses himself in other ways. When he’s happy or he agrees with you, he’ll smile or laugh.

He used to live in a facility where he’d made some dear friends among the staff and residents. But a lot of people lived there together under one roof, and it wasn’t Clay’s own space. You can imagine how excited Clay was when he heard he could move into accommodation supported by Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation) and people like you!

With help Clay has started a herb garden of plants he chose, he waters it every day and uses it when he cooks. His garden is his pride and joy.

Clay and Lilyjoy watering the herb garden

He also has a new companion, his beloved pet budgie named ‘Gizmo’ given to him for Christmas by his family. They are thrilled seeing how happy Clay is these days.

His mum Lynelle says: “Taking care of Clay as he was growing up, we never thought it would be possible for him to have his own place the way he is, because he needs 24/7 care.”

“We come and spend as much time as we can with him at his place. I’m so happy for him, and I think Clay is a lot happier and more confident too, knowing that he can be out on his own.”

“We always ask him if he’s happy, and it’s always just ‘yes, yes, yes’. He loves it.”

Having a place of your own means stability, shelter, security, and being included in a community. Your first home is a particular source of accomplishment – a sign you’re an adult.

Giving people with a disability a place to call home in supported accommodation is one way your donations to Aruma have supported people like Clay.

In 2018, thanks to generous donors like you, more than 1,000 people with a disability had access to supported accommodation – their own place to call home. Around 400 people also benefited from our short-term accommodation and assistance, or respite services.

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