People like Josh and Kim are counting on us

Please give this Christmas to help keep vulnerable Supported Employees in a job during the COVID-19 crisis.

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Christmas won’t be the same this year

When we’re apart from family, it can be distressing – particularly during the holidays. And it will be even harder for Josh and Kim.

Josh, 44, and his sister Kim, 47, who both have an intellectual disability, recently lost their mother – their world – to cancer. Like many other vulnerable people who lack family support, they are now at high risk of becoming isolated.

Thankfully, Josh and Kim have another ‘family’ – their Manager Hayley, and the workmates they’ve come to know and love through their job at Aruma’s Packaging Business.

“My worst fear is that COVID-19 will force our worksite to go into lockdown and close – even for a little while.”- Hayley Lloyd, Manager at Aruma’s Packaging worksite.

Supported employment is so much more than a job to people like Josh and Kim. It’s the chance to be independent, have a routine, build new skills, and build lasting friendships.

Hayley, Josh and Kim on the right, Kim, Josh and their mum on the left
Pictured on the left: Hayley, Josh and Kim. Pictured on the right: Kim, Josh and their mother.

But there’s a problem…

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for Aruma’s Supported Employment, as it has for many other workplaces.

As change in routine would be devastating for some of our Supported Employees, we’re committed to keeping our businesses open. However, the costs associated with keeping our customers and supported employees safe is quickly adding up.

Your donation can help us keep our businesses open, and make this time so much happier for those who count on us for so many aspects of their lives.

We are like their family – and you are ours. We thank you for your generous support.

Please donate now.