Speechless Season 3 trailer transcript

Transcript of season three of 'Speechless'.


Music: Electronic music.

Maya: Excuse me, have you seen a adorable boy in a wheelchair? Wheelchair? Boy in a wheelchair anyone? What no one wants to help Iron Man?

Helen: Oof. Don’t drink and drive!

Maya: What’s this?

Helen: Who are you?

Maya: You supported that girl expertly.

Helen: Nice, guarded, intense energy.

Maya: Sensible ugly shoes.

Helen: Clearly not here to have fun.

Both: Are you a special needs Mom?

Maya: I’m Maya.

Helen: I’m Helen.

Helen: I’m here looking for my son Lee. So far I found his shoes. And his taser.

Maya: I know that taser. You’re son bought my son to this rave.

Helen: Ahhhhhh.

Maya: So you followed your adult son here too?

Helen: Of course, I’ve been chasing him with a net his whole life. You think I’m just going to stop because he’s thirty two?

Maya: Exactly, we are doing nothing wrong! Oooh, masks on!

Helen: Woo Hoo!

Maya: Party! Nice one.

Helen: Here comes my knucklehead.

Lee: Oh no! Surf me toward my chair!

Helen: Well, we saw them.

Maya: It’s not like we actually have to talk to them.

Helen: I’ll take yours if you take mine?

Maya: That is the weirdest phrase to ever make me this happy.