Specialist Disability Accommodation Vacancies

Information about Specialist Disability Accommodation vacancies written in an easy to understand way.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Vacancies

It is written in an easy to understand way.
We use pictures to explain things.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

A house, flat, apartment or villa that is just right for you.

For example it might have
A big bathroom or
A big kitchen

The house makes your support safer and better.

You might live with other people.

You might live in a flat, unit, apartment or house.

Specialist Disability
Accommodation is different to Supported Independent Living.

Supported Independent Living is when you get paid support at home to live as independently as possible.

For example support to
get dressed
make meals

You might get specialist disability accommodation from us.

You might get supported independent living from a different disability service provider.

That is okay.
You can still live in the Aruma Specialist Disability Accommodation home.

What happens if there is a vacant room  at a Specialist Disability Accommodation home?

We advertise the room or home on our website.

We get to know anyone who is interested in moving into a Specialist Disability Accommodation home.

We get to know what they like and need.

We will make a time for any new person to meet with the people who live in the Specialist Disability Accommodation home.

If we think the home is right for a new person we will make times for the new person to spend time at the home.

This helps everyone get to know each other. It helps everyone know if the home is right.

We can decide together if the home is right for new people.

You may disagree with a
decision about your Specialist
Disability Accommodation.
This is your right.

We will look at the decision again with you.