Mother and handicapped daughter shamed – transcript

A transcript of a news report on a mother and daughter shamed for using a handicapped space.


Naomi: I thought it was a flyer.

Reporter: This small white piece of paper isn’t an advertisement, rather a note shaming Naomi Beringer and her daughter Kaitlyn.

Naomi: It says ‘Greetings I observed you parking in this handicap parking place today it appears that you are not really
handicapped perhaps just in a hurry or worse just plain lazy.’

Reporter: The Westminster mother and daughter found the note on their van after stopping by Target off
Church Ranch Boulevard Friday afternoon. 10-year old Caitlin says she’s not lazy but is in pain often and needs the
handicap placard

Kaitlyn: I was offended. I was hurt actually I really didn’t know people thought of me like that.

Reporter: Kaitlyn has a rare genetic disorder called hypophosphatasia that leaves her bones weak and brittle. She was born with 13 bone fractures and had dozens more since then.

Kaitlyn: I am disabled and they may not know that and I can understand that because I do look normal, but I
don’t think they have to do that.

Naomi: ‘In case you don’t know these spots are reserved for people who are truly handicapped and because of idiots like you they have to park further away’.

Aaron: Well I I was astonished to to read that.

Report: Aaron Pastors with the centre for people with disability says just because someone doesn’t look disabled doesn’t mean they’re cheating the system.

Aaron: it is a misconception and they don’t know that person’s, you know, story.

Reporter: Kaitlyn hopes that typed-out notes don’t get placed on someone else’s windshield.

Kaitlyn: This made me really sad, so I feel like I’d just try and comfort them and tell them that they aren’t stupid, they aren’t lazy, they have the sign because they need it.

Reporter: Even if that need is an apparent at first glance.