Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’: Season 3 Trailer – transcript

Transcript of the 'Daredevil' Season 3 trailer.


Music: Intense music.

Daredevil: I used to listen to people asking for help. That’s what I was trying to do, was help people.

Sounds: Gunfire.

Daredevil: But I was fooling myself. Darkness only responds to darkness.

Daredevil: I am Daredevil.

Wilson: I have made many mistakes. But I accept the debt I am paying because of them. Prison has changed me.

Lawyer: What is it you’re saying?

Wilson: I want to make a deal.

Daredevil: He claims to have changed. But they don’t know him like I do. The last time that we spoke, you threatened me.

Wilson: That is something that I cannot forgive.

Daredevil: I’ll stop him for good this time.

Wilson: There’s only one way to stop me, but you’re not going to do it.

Daredevil: Are you sure about that?

Joanne: Just be careful that you don’t become the monster.

Wilson: Because I’ve tried to make this city a better place. I will tell the world you you really are. Someone who’s now showing his true colours.

Man: Screams.

Daredevil: Sometimes you have to hurt one person for the greater good.

Daredevil: The city needs a new villain. And I think I might have found him.

Wilson: Daredevil is our new true, public enemy.

Reporter: According to eye witnesses, the brutal attack has been carried out by none other than… Daredevil.

Music: Dramatic music continues.

Daredevil: Who are you?

Masked man: I’m Daredevil.