Kistie’s self-managed story transcript

Kistie has been a customer since she was 18. Now as a confident and independent woman, she found herself wanting more flexibility and control over her life.

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Kistie: Hi my name is Kistie, I live in Dapto.

Lyn: I’m Lyn, I’m Kistie’s mother.

Brooke: And my name’s Brooke and I’m Kistie’s younger sister.

Lyn: We heard about House with No Steps when Kistie was 18 and she went there from 18 till now, she’s 34, and we’ve found them very good. We’ve found them helping her in ways where she gets out in the community.

Kistie’s on a self-managed package and we choose that because it allowed her to have the life that she wanted. She has the freedom to do what she wants. She gets to pick and choose. She’s not in a group situation where she has to comply with what they want as well. She can do exactly what she wants.

Brooke: It gives her something that she’s doing on her own. She’s not being babied and taken everywhere and she goes and does her own thing and then comes home at the end of the day that she’s, you know, that’s like her working life or her social life.

Instructor: Feeling good Kistie?

Kistie: Yeah.

Instructor: Ready to go?

Kistie: Yeah.

Lyn: Kistie started horse riding and it’s really given her a lift in life. She loves the horses, she loves looking after the horses and the riding she’s just excelled at. She’s learning everyday, every time she goes.

Kistie: I like horse riding so much.

Alison: Kistie has developed so much since we first met her. From just being on a lead and being very hesitant around horses, to being very confident and a confident rider.

Kistie: They’re like friendly horses and very nice and friendly and cuddly. You have to put feet on the stirrups and then you have to say ‘walk on’.

Alison: Kistie are you ready, let’s make Pepper walk.

Kistie: Walk on Pepper.

Brooke: Kistie works in Alexander’s Café, serving coffee. She’s taking orders, she’s making sandwiches.

Chase: I own and run Alexanders Cafe in Dapto and Kistie has been working with me for about 3 months now. Yeah she’s going really well, like she’s picked up everything really quickly. You tell her one thing once and then she does it. The customers love Kistie. Kistie definitely has a look of fun here and we have fun with her.

Lyn: Kistie also works at Vinnies and she loves it there. The ladies are very good. She does work very, very hard at Vinnies setting everything up.

Kistie: I like working at Vinnies because I do the shoes and the bags. Put the bags in the shelves and put the shoes in the right place.

Brooke: She enjoys every second of life and if we could all enjoy it as much as what she does, it would be fabulous. So, this is just giving her more things to forward to and be happy about.

Lyn: I would recommend House with No Steps and the self-managed package to everyone in a situation like ours and Kistie’s. It really will bring out the best in people and it will allow them to have the freedom of choice and make their life happier, and when their life’s happier, your life is happier.

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