Jock’s story – transcript

A transcript of Jock's story


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Jock is very happy, he’s so affectionate. He just loves the farm, and loves his family, and loves his sisters. He’s the highlight of everyone’s life, and makes so many people smile and laugh, and just amazing what he brings out in people.

Jock was born six weeks early, so he was quite weak to start with. The doctor came in and suspected that he could have Down syndrome so it took a few days to get their tests done properly but we were pretty much sure.

So we had three weeks in hospital with him. It was quite a daunting time, when I read all the things that could go wrong with kids with Down syndrome – all the specialists that they’ll need.

I originally thought that we might have to move to a bigger centre, so it was great to get House with No Steps, and they had occupational therapists, and speech therapists, and physios. And they visited Condobolin, which was unreal.

Teacher: Hello, how are you?


I knew early intervention was going to be really important because I wanted him to be able to keep up with other children his own age. He’s the only child in this town with Down syndrome, so I knew there wasn’t going to be a group of other kids with Down syndrome or special needs that he would be able to play with as much.

I indicated to House with No Steps that I would like Jock to be in a mainstream school. When I first approached them I was waiting for a bit of a sympathetic: “Ooh I don’t think”, so but they were really good about it and said “Yep OK”. Our aim has always been to just get him into that mainstream classroom.

If we didn’t have Little Learners or House with No Steps, I think we probably would have had to look at moving, which is quite hard, when we’re farmers and just can’t up and lift the farm.

There are so many families out in these rural areas that have the children with additional needs, and if everyone could have the service that I’ve been given, that House with No Steps have have shown us, and to have all that support, it would be an absolutely amazing.

I feel now that he’s started school, I think he’s got a really bright future ahead of him I know his speech is coming along, a long way and he’s just he’s just so social and he’s just got so many great friendships as well.