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For her House with No Steps (now Aruma) disability services, Jess works with her mum to choose activities which she loves and is always on the lookout for interesting new classes.

Video transcript

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Jessica: My name’s Jessica and I do dancing with my brother James and we do dance.

Salli: My name’s Salli and I’m the manager at House with No Steps.

Denise: My name’s Denise and I’m Jessica’s mum.

Salli: Jess first heard about House with No Steps through our Transition to work taster days when she was at high school last year.

Denise: I was iffish about it but Salli helped us with it and showed me how to go.

Salli: We talked about Jess’s hobbies, interests, and likes and thought that maybe self-managed might be the better option for her.

Denise: Now that we’re at House with No Steps we have a self-managed package and Jessica is able to do what she wants to do.

Salli: Jess does a range of different things with her self-managed package. She does a lot of sewing, dancing, swim aerobics, art, jewellery making, bowling, lots of different things that interest her. Don’t you?

Jessica: Yeah, it’s fun, I love dancing.

Salli: You’re a really good dancer, aren’t you?

Jess: Yeah

Denise: Jessica used to always be very quiet but Jessica’s opened up quite a lot. She mixes more, she talks to people and everyone’s remarking on how she’s talking now and communicating more.

Jessica: I’m able to meet heaps of new people at dancing and new people at sewing and new people at art.

Salli: Jess has Aboriginal heritage, so she does a few different things with some Aboriginal groups. Jessica: Yep

Denise: With self-management, it means that we can connect with the Aboriginal community. She’s actually met the people to look at doing Aboriginal art through them.

Jess: I want to do drawing, colouring and I like to paint. I’d like to be an artist.

Denise: These are two of Jessica’s artworks that she has done.

Jess: That one, this is my best.

Denise: She likes this one, it’s of the Egyptian lady. And this one’s the scenery overseas, and she got highly commended at the Illawarra Disability Art Options competition last week, so she’s quite proud of that.

Denise: Yeah, I think House with No Steps has helped Jessica a lot. Going to House with No Steps she has been able to mix and communicate with a lot more people.

Salli: Since going with self-managed, she has opened up her creative avenues and she’s really blossomed and grown as a person. Self-managed seems to be working really well for Jess. Jess is really happy, really confident. She’s doing lots of different things and is really enjoying it, so self-managed is working for her. Yeah?

Jess: Yeah.

Salli: Cool.

Denise: For her future, I just hope that she keeps going doing what she wants, she wants to be an artist. So yeah, hopefully, she will accomplish it.

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