Forrest Gump Trailer – transcript

Transcript of the Forrest Gump Trailer


Uplifting music.

Forrest: Forrest. Forrest Gump. Would you like a chocolate.

Woman: Ohh, thank you.

Forrest: It’s funny what a young man recollects.

Mrs Gump: You’re the same as everybody else. You are no different.

Man: Your boy is different.

Young Jenny: Are you stupid or something.

Young Forrest: Mumma says stupid is as stupid does.

Young Jenny: I’m Jenny.

Young Forrest: I’m Forrest. Forrest Gump.

Forrest: She was my most special friend. My only friend. We was together all of the time. We were like peas and carrots, Jenny and I.

Jenny: Run Forrest run!

Bully: Hey stupid!

Forrest: You wouldn’t believe it if I told you but I can run like the wind blows.

Coach: Who in the hell is that?

Man: That there is Forrest Gump Coach. Just a local idiot.

Forrest: I never thought it would take me anywhere.

Music: Music gets more upbeat.

Forrest: They even put me on a thing called the All America team. Where you get to meet the President of the United States.

Forrest: Burps.

President: Congratulations, how does it feel to be an All American?

Forrest? I gotta pee.

President: I believe he said he had to go pee!

Forrest: Now maybe it’s just me but college was very confusing times.

Jenny: Have you ever been with a girl Forrest?

Forrest: I sit next to them in my home economics class all the time.

Man in soldier’s uniform: Have you given any thought to your future?

Drill Sergeant: Gump, what is your sole purpose in life?

Forrest: To do whatever you tell me to Drill Sergeant!

Drill Sergeant: You’re a damn genius. You are going to be a general some day Gump!

Forrest: Yes Drill Sergeant!

Forrest: They’re sending me to Vietnam.

Jenny: Listen, you promise me something OK? If you’re ever in trouble, don’t try and be brave. Just run. OK?

Forrest: OK.

Lieutenant Taylor: Where are you boys from in the world?

Forrest and Bubba: Alabama, sir.

Lieutenant Taylor: You twins?

Forrest: No, we are not relations, sir.

Sound: Explosions.

Forrest: For some reason, what I was doing made sense to people.

Lieutenant Taylor: Forget about me, get yourself out!

Man in uniform: You’ve been awarded the medal of honour.

Forrest: How come?

Forrest: Now my mumma is always telling me how miracles happen every day.

Jenny: Forrest!

Forrest: Some people don’t think so.

Forrest: Jenny! But they do.

Sound: Cheering.

Forrest: You can come home with me. To my house in Greenbow. I’ll take care of you.

Jenny: Why are you so good to me?

Forrest: You’re my girl.

Voiceover: Paramount Pictures presents… Tom Hanks.

Forrest: I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.

Voiceover: Robin Wright.

Forrest: Will you marry me? I’d make a good husband, Jenny.

Jenny: You would Forrest.

Forrest: But you won’t marry me.

Voiceover: Gary Sinese.

Lieutenant Taylor: I never said thank you for saving my life.

Voiceover: And Sally Field.

Mrs Gump: My boy is going to get the same opportunities as everyone else.

Voiceover: A film by Robert Zemeckis.

Forrest: What’s my destiny mom?

Mrs Gump: You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself.

Uplifting music.

Voiceover: The world will never seem the same, once you’ve seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump.

Forrest: My mumma always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gunna get.