Dustin returns from camp trailer – Transcription

Transcription of a Stranger Things YouTube clip.


Dustin: At least someone’s happy I’m home.

Music: Tense music playing. Beeping, shooting, tooting and clashing sounds.

Dustin: Is this a dream? You’re dreaming.

Mike: Now.

Dustin: Aagggghhhhhhh!

Lucas: Aaggghhhhhhhhh!

Lucas: Ow, ow, ow ow.

Max: Better?

Lucas: Still stings. Ugh. Is that a new zit?

Max: What is wrong with you?

Lucas: I was just asking. Agghhhh!

Dustin: I call it the forever clock, right? Powered by wind. Very useful in the apocalypse. Then I give you the slammer. Laughs. Pretty neat huh?

Dustin: This. This is my masterpiece. I would like you to meat Cerebro.

Mike: What exactly are we looking at here?

Dustin: An unassembled, one-of-a-kind, battery-powered radio tower.

Will: So it’s a ham radio?

Dustin: The Cadillac of Ham radios. This baby carries a crystal-clear signal over vast distances. I’m talking North Pole to South. I can talk to my girlfriend wherever and whenever I choose.

Will, Mike, Eleven: Girlfriend?

Mike: Wait so her name is Suzie?

Dustin: Suzie with an Z. She’s from Utah.

Will: Girls go to science camp?

Dustin: Suzie does, she’s a genius.

Eleven: Is she cute?

Dustin: Think Phoebe Cates, only hotter.

Max: What’s going on?

Will: We’re going to talk to Dustin’s girlfriend.

Max and Lucas: Girlfriend?