We are Aruma

Welcome to Aruma! You once knew us as House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation – two great organisations, with over 100 years of combined experience.

Video transcription

Speaker 1: This story starts with you.

Speaker 2: Me?

Speaker 3: About me?

Speaker 4: You talking about me?

Speaker 5: Yeah, you and me.

Speaker 6: Me?

Speaker 7: We were once two organisations. Both founded to change the world for people with a disability.

Speaker 8: Lionel understand firsthand the challenges facing people with a disability.

Speaker 9: So, he created employment opportunities.

Speaker 10: He campaigned for accessibility.

Speaker 11: and brought services into regional areas.

Speaker 12: Bill used his position as a journalist to fight for social change.

Speaker 13: he inspired people to stand up and take action.

Speaker 14: Today we are one organisation.

Speaker 15: We are Aruma.

Speaker 16: Aruma means many things.

Speaker 1: But really, Aruma is what we make it.

Speaker 17: And we’re making it all about you. Our customers.

Speaker 18: You know how to live your best life.

Speaker 19: And we’re here to help you do just that.

Speaker 20: It all boils down to two little words that mean everything to us.

Speaker 21: You. First.

Speaker 22: Yeah.

Speaker 23: Great stuff.

Speaker 24: I am ready.

Speaker 4: Let’s do this together.

Speaker 5: Yeah.

Speaker 4: Yeah.

End of transcription