Ricky’s NDIS story

Ricky has lived in Aruma accommodation for four years. He was one of the first in his area to complete the NDIS planning process. Watch his journey.

Video transcription

Mick: When we heard about the NDIS coming into town, everybody had their opinion on what it was. The staff, families even the guys themselves really didn’t know what was going to go – on just because we’d heard so many different stories.

Ricky was one of the first that actually went through the interview process up here. He was a bit nervous about it because he was worried that we might not get all of the basics that we needed. The actual process itself worked out really good.

Ricky: I live here with my Brother Darren, it’s just the two of us. We watch sport on TV together, we have a laugh and we hang out.

Mick: Ricky’s relationship with his brother is quite interesting. Sometimes you can hear them yelling down at the other end of the villas. And other times they will fight to death to protect their brothers. They’re just like any other sibling.

Ricky’s quite close with all of his family, they’re all local. It seems like he knows every second person because they’re a relative in town. He gets looked after by his family quite well.

Ricky: I chose Aruma as my service provider, I actually got to interview my staff members. I was looking for people that I could trust.

Micky: When Rickey chooses a staff member, if he’s not feeling comfortable with a person, he won’t want them working with him.

Ricky: I’ve worked at RDA for 4 years. It’s where we can have disabled people ride horses and I help in their office, I’m the Work Health and Safety officer. They’re all wonderful to get a long with out there. That’s something that I love, and I’m helpin g people.

Mick: Ricky gets supported through the NDIS, he gets transport because that’s a big thing up in the country areas because everything is so far away. He gets his hydrotherapy and all that, we accounted for all that kind of stuff. It covered just about everything we could think of.

Ricky: I like being in the pool as it’s nice and warm, especially on winter cold days. I have a sheet of exercises that I have to follow. Leg lifts, stepping up and down on a block, trying to stand without hanging on. The Future with NDIS I get more choice and I get to do what I want to do.

End of transcription