Behaviour Support for children

If your child is finding it hard to manage their emotions and behaviour, our Positive Behavioural Support services may be able to help.

How Aruma’s Behaviour Support can help your child

At Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation), it’s all about putting you and your family first.

Our dedicated team of practitioners will work with you to find out why a child with a disability may be displaying behaviours of concern. Whether it be emotional outbursts, challenging or unsafe behaviours, or avoidance.

We’ll then support you with solutions on how to manage these behaviours, so you can both live your best life.

Understanding why your child with a disability is using a behaviour

The first thing our Aruma team will do is pull together a detailed assessment. It’s important we get to the bottom of what your child is communicating through their actions.

This will involve us:

  • Watching and spending time with your child in different settings, like home, school, or at play
  • Chatting to family members and other important people in your child’s life such as teachers, or pre-school staff for example
  • Reviewing reports on your child from other health professionals like Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and medical practitioners.

What types of strategies can Aruma suggest?

Every child is different, with unique needs and behaviours. It’s our commitment to develop personalised solutions that work for you and your child.

Strategies may include:

  • Recognising and understanding key triggers
  • Communication skills and training
  • Establishing routines and structure
  • Changes that you could make to your home
  • Helping you to handle and manage emotional outbursts
  • Working with you and those important to your child to understand and learn techniques that will help your child.

Our aim is to reduce or stop the behaviour that is getting in the way of you and your child enjoying life. We do this by helping your child to learn better ways of expressing themselves and communicating their needs.

Does Aruma provide Behaviour Support training?

Yes, we do!

Families, carers, and teachers may need education and training around how to understand your child and their needs, and implement the recommended strategies.

We can also provide training to small groups in the areas of:

  • Transitioning to school
  • Social skills development
  • Emotion and self-regulation skills
  • Plus more!

Does Aruma also have Behaviour Support for adults?

Yes! We have both services for both children and adults.

Learn about Behaviour Support for adults

Where does Aruma offer Children’s Behaviour Services?

We provide Behaviour Support services across New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland including the below locations.

Contact our team today on 1300 538 746 or, to see how we can help!

  • Newcastle/Hunter NSW: (Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, and surrounds)
  • Central Coast NSW: (Gosford, Wyong, and surrounds)
  • Western NSW: (Forbes, Parkes and surrounds)
  • Sydney NSW (metro and surrounds)
  • Southern NSW/ACT (Illawarra, South Coast, Canberra, and surrounds)
  • South East Qld: (Brisbane, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Logan, and surrounds)
  • Northern Qld: Townsville and surrounds
  • Melbourne Vic (metro and surrounds)
  • Regional Vic


NDIS Participants

The NDIS provides funding for Therapy and Clinical Supports.

Children 0-7 can access the NDIS specialist childhood intervention support, called Early Childhood, Early Intervention (ECEI). Aruma, as an NDIS Early Childhood Partner, are experienced in providing early childhood intervention and can deliver the ECEI approach.

After age 7, your child may qualify for an NDIS package.  We are happy to assist you with supporting funding applications for your child.