Community hubs and flexible supports

To keep our customers, staff, and the community safe, there are some changes to our Community Hubs and Flexible Supports.

The information below was published on 22 August 2022 and it is still current.

Community Hubs

All our hubs across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria are open.

While strongly recommended it, getting vaccinated is no longer a requirement to enter public spaces like Aruma’s hubs.

We’ve decided to now allow everyone access to our hubs, regardless of their vaccination status. This means we can provide better support to more of our customers, which helps us better serve our purpose to help people with a disability live the life they choose.

We will continue to keep everyone in our hubs safe by taking the following measures:

  • all wearing masks and other protective equipment
  • regularly cleaning shared spaces
  • practicing good hygiene while encouraging our customers to do the same
  • our staff are vaccinated and continue to follow Aruma’s health and safety requirements and ensuring anyone with symptoms does not attend.

Flexible Supports

Community-based flexible support activities are provided on a 1:1 basis. These supports continue to operate.