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All about the vaccine

Information about the vaccination roll-out and how it impacts our customers and staff.

Information current as at 12 October 2021

Australia celebrated a positive COVID-19 milestone on Sunday 21 February, when the Federal Government kicked off Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine program.

Since that date, Aruma has been supporting its customers and staff to get vaccinated.

We believe the vaccine is an important line of defence against COVID-19, and for that reason it is a condition of employment for staff in Victoria and NSW to be vaccinated.

For those staff who have not yet be vaccinated, here are the specific dates we are working towards.

  • By 15 October: Staff will need to let us know that they are booked in for their first dose no later than 22 October.
  • By 22 October: Staff must have received the first dose of the vaccine.
  • By 26 November: Staff will need to be fully vaccinated.

It is also likely we will make vaccination a condition of employment in Queensland and the ACT. We are working through that detail at the moment.



Here are some helpful resources about the vaccine.