Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Plastic and cardboard recycling

We can provide your business with cardboard and plastics recycling to manage your organisation's waste.

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Due to the large quantity of cardboard and plastics waste that organisations produce, many businesses struggle to maintain regular recycling patterns due to the lack of recycling facilities. Aruma Recyling (formerly House with No Steps) can help your company play an important role in protecting the environment.

Collected from your premises, we can process cardboard, waste paper and plastic materials. Our recycling services are available across Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Lake Macquarie in NSW.

Depending on your needs, this service can operate daily, once a week or once a month.

Our greener world

In the majority of cases, cardboard and plastic make up a large proportion of the waste produced by businesses.

With more products being ordered online than ever before cardboard boxes and plastics packaging are becoming a significant percentage of the waste that companies are producing and consequently it needs to be recycled.

In today’s age of a greener environment, every employer has a duty of care to manage the waste of their business produces. By reducing your waste and recycling as much as possible, you will be helping to prevent pollution and help save the world’s precious resources.

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