At House with No Steps our strategy and practice reflect our commitment to helping people with a disability live a great life. This includes ensuring that they:

  • Are respected as equals within our community
  • Are protected from all forms of mistreatment, exploitation, abuse, neglect, and discrimination
  • Have choice and control over their lives
  • Receive supports that are individualised to their specific needs.

People with a disability have a valuable role to play in our organisation, so we make sure they have a voice and are involved in our Governance. Our organisational performance is measured through the outcomes that people with a disability achieve.

House with No Steps recognises it is accountable to a broad range of stakeholders, but particularly our customers, for ensuring we are effective, efficient, and sustainable. We have zero tolerance of fraud, dishonesty, and unethical behaviour.

Our Board of Directors

House with No Steps has a highly qualified, skills-based Board. Together with the Leadership Team, the Board ensures that we has a clear strategic direction, rigorous risk management, and a continuous improvement framework that supports our strategic goals.

Non-executive Directors serve on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration. Directors adhere to a formal code of conduct by which they commit to the values of House with No Steps, acting with integrity and honesty and ensuring there is no conflict of interest.

Our Board has access to independent legal and financial expertise to assist in its decision-making. The Managing Director is responsible for the management and administration of House with No Steps by delegation from the Board.

A human rights approach

The work of House with No Steps’ Board is underpinned by an absolute commitment to the human rights of people with a disability. The Board has established the Human Rights Committee as a formal Governance committee, comprised of Directors, customers, staff, and carers. The Human Rights Committee is responsible for monitoring House with No Steps’ performance in relation to:

  • Promoting the rights of people with a disability and supporting them to exercise those rights through self-advocacy
  • Monitoring complaints, restrictions on human rights, and the handling of allegations of abuse
  • Advising on policy direction and implementation
  • Ensuring that people with a disability have the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of House with No Steps.

During the year, the Human Rights Committee actively supported the development of a suite of easy english policies and easy english videos, ensuring that information about rights is available and accessible to all. Our key human rights policies have been reviewed externally by a human rights advocate.

The Human Rights Committee undertook this development with the support of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service, which focused on inclusive meetings. Committee minutes are recorded both formally and graphically.

A culture of innovation

House with No Steps operates in a highly regulated environment and we are regularly audited against legislation and standards at a State and Federal level, with particular focus on Disability Service Standards. We have a dedicated Quality and Practice team that supports continuous improvement across all areas of our operations. During 2015/16 House with No Steps was successful in maintaining its international accreditation with the CQL for Person Centred Excellence. This accreditation measures House with No Steps’ progress against a human rights framework and enables us to benchmark with organisations across the globe.

Managers at all levels of the organisation are accountable for implementing quality management and improvement programs.

During 2015/16, we continued our focus on encouraging innovative ideas at all levels through the Innovation Fund, which supports the exploration and implementation of a number of organisational development projects. As we undertook the next phase of our strategic planning, we combined our intrinsic belief in the creativity of our people, with recognition that strategic innovation is fundamental to managing strategic risk.

Managing risk

The Audit and Risk Committee plays a key role in ensuring the Board meets its obligations in relation to financial management and reporting, internal controls, risk management, and compliance. The Internal Auditor undertakes a program of regular reviews including investigation of any issues of concern.

The Audit and Risk Committee oversees the effective implementation of House with No Steps’ risk framework, which is underpinned by AS/NZ/ISO 31000:2009 Standard on Risk Management. The Committee receives regular reports and advice on significant risks and mitigation actions. During the year, we commenced a major review of the risk framework to ensure alignment with the growth and development of the organisation and the changing external environment.

The Board also has established Nominations and Remuneration Committees. The Nominations Committee ensures that the Board has the requisite mix of skills and considers both Board and Senior Management succession planning. The Remuneration Committee reviews senior management remuneration on an annual basis.