Smokin’ cooking class a big hit with Forbes locals

Our cooking class for people with a disability in Forbes, NSW, which we run in partnership with Meals on Wheels, was commended at the NSW Business Chamber Regional Business Awards.

May 14, 2018

A popular cooking class for people living with disability in Forbes, New South Wales, run by House with No Steps (now Aruma) in partnership with Meals on Wheels has been commended at the NSW Business Chamber Regional Business Awards.

The Smok’n Cooking Class was a finalist in the Excellence in Social Enterprises category at the Regional Business Awards awards on Friday 11 May.

Kim Wright, our Individual Support Manager in Forbes, said they started the cooking program with Meals of Wheels after recognising the need in the local community.

“There was a gap in supports for people with a disability to learn this skill of cooking a meal in the local community,” Ms Wright said.

“We partnered with Meals on Wheels, as they too noticed the need – and they have the experience to ensure healthy, yummy food is on the menu each week.”

The Smok’n Cooking Class quickly became a hit with locals after launching in 2016.

“We started in 2016 with six people attending each week, and now we have around 17 participants who come on a regular basis,” said Ms Wright.

“It’s more than just cooking; the class is a great social outing for participants.”

Ms Wright said they were delighted to have been commended as a finalist at the Regional Business Awards.

“We’re proud our Smok’n Cooking Class has received recognition– at the heart of the program it is our drive to find and fill the gaps in local services and supports, to help people with a disability live their best life.”