Our thrill-seeking customers take to the skies!

Check out Damon, Kaylene and Melita having a go at indoor sky diving!

April 27, 2022

​Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s three of our dare devil customers from Shepparton trying their hand at sky diving!

On Saturday, 9 April, Damon, Melita and Kaylene (pictured left to right) travelled with support workers from their Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Shepparton, down to Melbourne’s IFLY to try their hand at indoor sky diving.

House Supervisor Meaghan said the idea came about during a customer meeting at the house where the trio decided, while not quite ready to jump out of a plane, indoor sky diving was a good place to start.

Our customers found it to be a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience, Meaghan said

They’re all very much keen to go back!

Much like Aruma’s purpose to help people with a disability live the life they choose, IFLY run an all-abilities session once a month to ensure everyone has a chance to experience anything they want to.

The experience has encouraged Kaylene (pictured above) to seek out more thrills.

I enjoyed the experience, but I felt like it was over before I knew it. I’d like to try hot air ballooning next! she said.

Melita simply loved going flying.

I felt like I was flying, then diving, then flying again! she said.

I’d definitely do it again. When can we book in another session?

Damon had a go at IFLY’s virtual reality (VR) experience as well.

It was a strange feeling, but I’d like to try other locations they offer on VR, he said.

Meaghan said the group ended the day at Grazeland in Spotswood, which is a permanent food truck festival.

Everyone was in food heaven! she said.

This is just one of many adventures and activities this SIL gets up to. Other outings have included a day trip to Mansfield Zoo, drift car experience for Damon where he got be a passenger as the car went drifting, day trips to Beechworth, attending musicals and concerts, attending motorbike racing events and day trips to Yarrawonga.

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