Love blooms at Summerland Farm!

Find out how these two Supported Employees met and fell in love at Summerland Farm.

February 17, 2022

Meet Jen and Brian who met and fell in love at Summerland Farm, 8 months ago.

Brian, a Supported Employee at the Farm, had never had a girlfriend in all his 61 years and was rather shy. But with a little encouragement from his supervisor, he plucked up the courage to go and say ‘hi’ to Jen, a Supported Employee at the time, working at the ticket booth.

That ‘hi’ started a blossoming relationship and twice weekly lunch dates, that continue to date. In fact, Brian and Jen are meeting at the Farm hub today, for a Valentine’s Day lunch celebration.

The lovebirds also enjoy swimming at the lake together, going to the movies, coffee and out for dinner.

So, what is it that Jen loves the most about Brian? What keeps their relationship blossoming?

“He’s so calm and easy-going. Nothing phases him. And I’m a bit highly strung. He calms me down,” states Jen.