Forbes comes together to support people with disability

Within one week of gaining one-on-one support, Ian has secured work experience.

October 3, 2023

Ian is a Forbes local whose life has been changed for the better thanks to NDIS funding and support from the community. Within one week of switching from group to one-on-one support with Aruma, Ian has made leaps and bounds towards achieving his goals.

“Ian has grown a lot in the last year, but since gaining one-on-one support, he is a new guy! This support style works for him, and he is much more engaged in life,” said Aruma’s Service Lead Community, Amy Mongan.

Ian currently receives support from and resides in one of our Supported Independent Living homes.

“We have been advocating for Ian to have one-on-one support for ages as he didn’t want to feel limited to group support. Finally securing that for Ian has been a dream come true and we’ve already seen such fantastic results,” continued Amy.

Within the first week of Ian’s support staff working in a one-on-one capacity, they landed him a work experience opportunity at the local mitre ten store.

“Ian is chuffed. He is very excited to be on board. Getting his uniform was the most exciting thing, and he loves to wear it to day program and tell his friends about it,” said Amy.

Ian is helping with odd jobs at the store and has enjoyed feeling part of the team while getting out and about. Seeing Ian come out of his shell and embrace new opportunities was a great moment for the Forbes team.

Jacinda Acheson of Acheson’s Mitre 10 said, “we’re happy to have Ian! He comes in with so much positivity and loves to get out there and help. When his support workers first approached us, we couldn’t say no.”

There is a feeling of camaraderie and community throughout the town which is something the Aruma team are extremely thankful for.

Amy said, “Forbes is a small town, and to have the community be so inclusive is amazing. It’s really something special and we’re so proud of our community.”

What a great example of teamwork and coming together. Forbes Advocate thought so too and shared the story in last weeks paper. Check it out here.


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