GPY&R volunteer day success

This September, 35 employees from George Patterson Y&R, helped make a difference to the lives of people with a disability by volunteering across four different services.

September 23, 2014

This September, 35 employees from advertising agency George Patterson Y&R, made a difference to the lives of people with a disability by volunteering with us.

At our Sydney New Canterbury Road group home, the volunteers all pitched in to give the backyard a make-over and help with the property maintenance. The team worked hard to plant a vegetable garden, cut back the overgrown vegetation, as well as clean the entire kitchen. Through their hard work, they even found several footpaths around the house which they didn’t know existed! One of the residents, Gail, got involved with the gardening and is very excited about the new veggie patch!

Another team of volunteers helped out at Sydney’s Searl Street group home, where they tackled organising a much neglected garage, leaving it tidy and in good order. They also got their hands dirty by digging a new veggie patch, and gave the garden a much needed spruce up gathering winter leaves and branches. The residents are already seeing the fruits of this labour with some newly grown lettuce that has been harvested to use in their meals!

At our Morgan Street group home, the volunteers worked very hard to put a fresh coat of paint on the outdoor buildings and also remove old tree roots to create a lovely sensory garden with lemon and lime trees! The residents are excited to be able to enjoy this beautiful garden for years to come!

Our Packaging Business at Belrose Head Office, also spent the day with a team of volunteers who lent a hand with work for customers such as the NBN. The volunteers worked one-on-one with our employees, who were able to show the volunteers just how the job should be done!

Thanks to all of our lovely volunteers at George Patterson Y&R for their invaluable assistance in completing these projects! It was great day!