David takes the stage for Sony Foundation

Our Supported Employee shared his insight into disability advocacy.

July 29, 2022

Recently, our Supported Employee David wowed a crowed of medical professionals and teachers from across Australia, with his presentation on disability advocacy.  

David, who works in our Facilities Services business and is a member of our Human Rights Advisory Committee, was supported by Aruma Human Rights Lead Judy to deliver a 45-minute presentation to more than 50 members of the Sony Foundation Camps committee.

This foundation runs a Children’s Holiday Camp Program, which is a unique respite program that sees high school and university students take on the responsibility for the care of children with disability, allowing their families to have a valuable weekend off.

As a passionate disability advocate with lived experience, David was well equipped to talk on topics including:

  • Who can be a disability advocate?
  • Person-centred practice approaches and
  • Using language to improve customer outcomes

Watch part of David’s presentation below:

Slides and footage from an excerpt of David’s presentation on disability advocacy covering person-centred practice and communication.

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“I used lots of examples from my own experience and things that I’ve heard to show the audience how they can put these things into practice,” David said.

It was a good opportunity to speak to a group of medical professionals because I could give them guidance on things like making sure they speak to the person with a disability about their health.

“I was pretty much ignored by a surgeon who only spoke to my parents about treatment I needed – even though I was sitting right next to them – and it didn’t feel good at all.

“This was a good chance to highlight this sort of example as an easy thing to change when medical people are working with people with a disability.”

David felt confident and well-prepared to deliver his presentation and answer questions at the end.

“It was easy to do because I knew the content beforehand and was well prepared. I don’t really get nervous about presenting in front of large, unfamiliar crowds,” he said.

David hopes his presentation gave people a good insight and encouraged them to find out more about the topics he introduced.

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