Customer Sharneen has been saving up a storm!

It's great to see our customers getting back out and about again.

July 29, 2022

​Our customer Sharneen has achieved a recent savings goal and reaped some tasty rewards for her efforts.  

She set herself a goal to save up enough money to go to her housemate’s birthday dinner by putting aside a little each week. And, she smashed it!

Sharneen had a great time celebrating her housemate Jenita’s 30th birthday – definitely a milestone worthy of a big celebration!

The housemates ended up being in COVID-19 isolation on Jenita’s birthday, but their support workers made sure Jenita was spoilt with gifts and cake. The one silver lining was that Jenita got to celebrate her birthday twice – she even got two cakes!

After isolation ended, the housemates got to go out for the birthday dinner they’d been looking forward to, and it was worth the wait! Everyone had a great night.

It made me happy to go to the birthday party, it was fun, says Sharneen.

My steak was yum! There was birthday cake and I really liked it.

The festivities also included a delicious ice cream sundae, that was too big not to share!

Congrats on smashing your savings goal, Sharneen!

“I used lots of examples from my own experience and things that I’ve heard to show the audience how they can put these things into practice,” David said.

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