“My Eye-gaze is going to give me a voice”

Eye-gaze technology has turned Kieran’s life around.

Smart homes and smart phones, wearable technology, virtual reality, driverless cars… phew!

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in our lifetime – not even Hollywood could have imaged where we’d be today (though we’re still waiting on those Hoverboards)!

Some of these new technologies have been completely life-changing, particularly to many people with a disability. People like Aruma customer Kieran.

Kieran, 55, who lives in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Victoria, was born with cerebral palsy. He has high support needs and says communicating with those around him can be a “daily frustration”.

I have a unique way of verbalising and not everyone can understand me, he explains.

Then came Eye-gaze…

This year – after a two-year wait – Kieran was thrilled to receive an Eye-gaze device through his NDIS plan. One of my goals has been to get a communication device and after some time I have my own Eye-gaze, he says.

Eye-gaze control is an exciting technology that allows people with a physical disability to write or speak with just the movements of their eyes!

It’s pretty nifty. The eye-gaze camera tracks the person’s eye movements, which control a mouse on the screen. The user can make a selection by holding their gaze (called a ‘dwell’), by blinking, or by clicking a button.

For Kieran, it’s a real game-changer. In time, my Eye-gaze is going to give me a voice.

Enjoying his independence

Can you imagine being 55 years old, and for the first time being able to really communicate and interact independently? says Aruma Administrator Loretta.

Well, for Kieran, this has just become a reality. And he is flying high – nothing is going to stop him!

“I’m able to play games with minimal help, so I feel I have some independence and that feels really good”

Kieran will now be able communicate more easily with his friends, family, and his support workers. And if that wasn’t enough, the same technology allows him to surf the internet, listen to music and play games.

I’m able to play games with minimal help, so I feel I have some independence and that feels really good,” says Kieran. “My favourite game at this time is car racing.

Client Engagement Coordinator Chloe adds, Kieran really enjoys the independence he now has. He doesn’t need someone to support him with the device and being in high care, he requires support with most things in his day-to-day life.

Kieran says, The Eye-gaze makes me happy, and I look forward to using it every opportunity I get!

Enjoy your new hobbies Kieran!