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Mitchell’s tattoo dream comes true

Mitchell just got his first tattoo - a red dragon! His mum, Robyn, tells us the story...

Mitchell is one of our customers from the Central Coast and he just got his first tattoo! His mum, Robyn, tells us the story…

For over two years, my 21yr old son Mitchell has been asking for a tattoo, but being his mum I didn’t think this was a good idea.

But one day, one of the support staff at Aruma, Ben, came to discuss it with me. At first I dismissed him as I had many others, but Mitchell knew what he wanted, and he and Ben had come up with an 8 step plan for getting the tattoo.

Mitchell and Ben’s plan:

  1. Ben would take Mitchell to the tattoo parlour to look around and chat to the staff
  2. Mitchell would meet with the tattoo artist to talk about what design he would like
  3. Mitchell would watch the artist tattooing another customer (with permission of course)
  4. If Mitchell was still keen, he would visit again to design the tattoo
  5. If Mitchell was not keen after seeing a tattoo being done, then game over (this was the one I was hoping for)
  6. A booking would be made for the sitting, including confirming costs and time
  7. The time, costs and process would be discussed with Mitchell
  8. Mitchel would get a tattoo!

It was a great plan, however, I still had my concerns. What if he got half way through and changed his mind, what if he got scared and ended up with an ugly mark?

So Ben and Mitchell took me to talk to the tattooist about my concerns. The tattooist asked me “did you ask these same questions with your other son?” I did not. So I looked at Mitchell and asked if he was sure, and he said yes.

The booking was made and Mitchell wanted Ben to go with him “cause it’s a man thing.” The appointment took 4 hours and Mitchell did not complain once about the pain.

He now proudly displays his tattoo at every chance and wears a lot of singlets! He is so happy that he’s already designing his next tattoo.

Mitchell and Ben did this together and with respect for everyone concerned. This dream and goal would never have happened without the advocacy for Mitchell’s rights and the Active Support from the Aruma team.

Mitchell has achieved one of his dreams, and for that I am grateful to Ben for his perseverance in advocating for Mitchell’s rights.

– Robyn Black

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