Aussie TikTok creators putting disability in the spotlight

From Support Worker Ben McIntosh to disability advocate Jimmy Jan, content creators are using TikTok to share their daily life and to educate on all things disability.

With over 8.5 million users in Australia, TikTok is now used by 1 in 3 Aussies. We once wrote a blog on the app, TikTok: The good, the bad and the ugly. Checking TikTok out years later, there has been a massive shift in content creation, with content creators now educating the world on all things disability. TikTok has given people with a disability the opportunity to share their life, educate people and increase inclusivity in someone’s feed. Check out our top five Aussie disability creators below

Jimmy Jan

In 2021 Jimmy Jan sustained a spinal cord injury while skiing. Jimmy has become a TikTok sensation, with using the platform to show his 776K followers how he drives, goes to the shops, and attends Barbie premieres.


Stanley Rosenberg

A fellow Arumie and member of the Aruma family, you may know Stanley as ‘The Famous Stanley’. With an infectious personality, Stanley’s TikTok has grown to over 130K followers, with 1.6 million likes.


Steph Kelly

Steph Kelly has gastroparesis, a condition where her stomach is paralysed and can’t digest food. On TikTok, Steph shares with her 152K followers everything to do with TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) and how she manages her daily life. From getting a spray tan to walking down the aisle – Steph’s TikTok is an educational masterpiece!


Ben McIntosh

Ben McIntosh uses his channel to highlight his work as a Support Worker. Ben has two customers, his sister Grace and Zac. From taking Zac to get a haircut to helping Grace shop at Mecca – Ben does a great job of sharing what Support Workers do! We particularly loved seeing what Grace and Zac got up to on the Elvis Cruise!



Jordy is a Crohn’s disease advocate, stell cell treatment recipient and ostomy bag advocate. With over 66K followers, Jordy uses her account to educate others about Crohn’s, perianal disease and living with an ostomy bag. Jordy’s brilliant sense of humour and eagerness awareness makes her TikTok a must-watch!