A loving gift in Will from Laura transcript

After speaking with her children, Laura decided to leave a gift in her Will to House with No Steps (now Aruma). She now knows that even when she is not here, she will continue to support a cause she cares deeply for.

Video transcript

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Laura: My name is Laura and I am originally from Peru.

I arrived here in Sydney about some 40 years ago, and settled in the Frenchs Forest area.

Since those days, I became aware of House with No Steps, because they are down in Belrose.

And I was aware of the wonderful work that Lionel Watts and his wife were doing for the empowerment of people with a disability.

I saw how they brought along inclusiveness, fought for the Human Rights of not only people with a disability, but most Australians.

Did you know that that’s the reason why we have parking for the disabled, we have laybacks on the streets, we have access for people with a disability in the shops? That was all achieved by Lionel Watts and the group of people at House with No Steps.

So I can see they are an organisation that is here for today and for the future.

People with a disability, unfortunately, these people have accidents or they are born every day, so the need is great.

So my children are well looked after, and House with No Steps, now that I work there and I have seen firsthand the marvellous work that they do, I want to make sure that I will be with House with No Steps when I am no longer in this planet.

So, because I want to continue to support this magnificent work.

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