Making disability services work for Jade transcript

Jade now chooses his own disability support staff who are matched to his individual personality and interests.

Video transcript

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Jane: His name is Jade and my name’s Jane. He’s 31. He lives in an accommodation service at House with No Steps in the Wollongong area. Jade heard about House with No Steps when he was 18.

Jade: 18.

Jane: That’s right? 18?

Jade: Yeah.

Jane: Yep. And you moved into one of the accommodation services and he was attending a community participation program at the same time.

Beth: My name’s Beth and I’m from the Wollongong area, I work with House with No Steps.

Initially I worked with Jade at the day program and that’s when I really got to know Jade. Then he moved over towards a self-managed and actually wanted me to be part of his staffing.

I’ve noticed lots of changes with Jade with his self-managed package. He has come out of his skin, he has tried different things that he never thought possible. He has become part of the community.

Jane: I think self-managed for him was about choice. Jade’s made a choice about the staff working with him, what he wants to do and is focusing on his interests.

We’re doing a variety of things and more things like Jade’s catching public transport with other staff as well.

Art, he just entered an art competition and did very well with that. Didn’t you?

Jade: Art, yeah

Jane: He loves walking.

Jade: Yeah

Jane: He likes going to the temple

Jade: Temple

Beth: He loves the temple I think there’s a real enjoyment of that peacefulness that Jade gets to explore as well.

Jane: It’s a very calm environment, and yeah it’s a good place to be.

Beth: Friday nights he chose to go out to the pub and I encouraged him to go to his local, to be part of the local to be not just a face in the crowd but somebody people know. Jade’s now part of his community. Jade now walks around the street and gets a ‘hi’ from his neighbours.

Jane: You like your sweets and coffee outings. He loves coffees.

Jade: Yeah

Jane: We’ve just met so many great people out there, out and about.

Jade: Yeah, good.

Jane: What he particularly loves is catching up with friends, meeting new people out in the community, having lunches.

Jade: Yeah, exciting.

Jane: Exciting, it was exciting for you. He loves it.

Jade: Good

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